Augmented Leadership (AL) for successful Transformation. Methodology, Data Analytics, BI and Personal Skills.

We introduce the Combined Intelligence Toolbox for Augmented Leaders.

Here are the skills, tools and methodology to get projects under control, avoid disruption.

Be ambitious, innovative, efficient, successful!

Rosho.World Augmented Leadership Combined Intelligence Toolbox:

  • Augment your personal leader skills with the Entropy Quotient (EQ)
  • Use all types of intelligence: natural, emotional, social, cultural, artificial, etc.
  • Analytics scalable to any type of organisation
  • Ontology Maps to visualise all aspects and levels of business
  • Chronological health statuses for every area of your organisation
  • Predictions, monitored progress and reports
  • Fact & data-driven Leadership, forget opinions, stop guessing!
  • Develop a holistic approach to your organisation

There are two worldwide problems that are currently leaking billions from our global economy and causing widespread employee disengagement: MISMANAGEMENT OF TRANSFORMATIONS (BY IGNORING ENTROPY) AND opinion-based BAD LEADERSHIP.

70% of large-scale transformation programmes fail
60% of Big Data initiatives will never reach production
80% of employees are disengaged from their work
60% of managers claim to find their job purposeless

Who could benefit from some Entropositivity?

Rosho.World provides an exciting toolbox for any type of organisation and individuals. We help you forecast your entropy vector and be proactive, making your business activities sustainable.

You want to operate Leadership based on facts and data? Or you think opinions are leading you to better success?

Project Managers
Programme Managers
Delivery Managers
General Management
Organisations of any type or size
Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Do you want to enjoy the benefits too?

Ontology Mapping

We’ll map your data with our game-changing tools:

Rosho.World Visualisation Boards

They literally show you a map of your business!

Providing you with a complete view of your organisation or system.

At a glance you can monitor everything.

Helping you prepare for entropy, make informed decisions and come up with faster, smarter solutions.

See the entropy of your entities

  • Status
  • Budgets
  • Progress
  • Resources
  • Etc.

Our visualisation tools will render an entropy-level for every area of your business, including those that could be improved.

These appear on your map as hotspots.

Rosho.World’s disruptive Methodology of Augmented Leadership

For efficient, successful transformation leadership, you need to clarify four basic principles and consider these in every decision:

  • Purpose – why you do what you do
  • Values – how you do what you do
  • Constraints – where your limits are and what is possible
  • Entropy – take the pulse, measure the wasted energy, detect threats, avoid disruption