In Agile Transformations, team dynamics are crucial and the following article explains them so well.

I can see in many places that teams are cut without defining a common purpose and governance rules, even in agile coaching teams themselves.

If we don’t consider the Dynamic Spiral and competence level of people and just tell them to be “self-managed”, what can we expect? For example, a ‘green’ manager will expect people to be ‘equal’, as he lives in a flatland, but if the people in the team are in a ‘red/orange’ meme they will not want a competence hierarchy but a power hierarchy. Ask Obama if he thinks, that Trump is a good team player 🙂

The best method I know to make people work together without having to micro-manage them is to introduce competence hierarchy: let them choose the most competent among them as the leader. I have tested this successfully, often under the most unexpected circumstances.

Naively believing that self-organisation in an agile environment is just to take out vertical hierarchy without replacing by competence hierarchy is not bringing anything else than chaos and power games!

Please admire the clear view of the most common problems in working groups and the way to avoid these traps: