Myajima Torii, the gate between the spirtual and the material world. Fg2 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Those who met me personally know that I can’t stop talking about data visualisation and metrics, key indicators, digital governance and organisational entropy quotients. An Augmented Leader needs to have all those in mind when he is making decisions. This is the reason I even called it AL, as in Augmented Reality the goggles lay in additional data to what we see “naturally”, a little bit like marquetry in some elaborate cabinet work.

Personal maturity is the other important aspect of an Augmented Leader, as without a purpose, without clear values, illusions or deny instead of a clear view of constraints and risks, reality in fact, there is no way for him/her to have well defined objectives and get the entropy under control. Only a mature leader will take sustainable decisions and make a healthy and efficient workforce out of frustrated employees working in silos.

I can see confusion about the role of experience in leadership, which is a nice to have in my view, but not as essential as maturity. Maturity is not dependent on mileage or a wealth of experience, it depends exclusively on the width of the worldview. Maturity is which parameters and weighting we consider for each. It is how conscious we remain in a critical or emotional situation, how we manage greedy or short-sighted people. Generation Y, the Millennials, are naturally more mature than baby-boomers, growing up with less constraints and last generation’s concepts to get rid of. Generation Z, just behind, and representing already roughly half of the world population will do even better in terms of broad worldview.

Over the last century, science has made tremendous progress in understanding and defining development stages of the Human Mind. We have now a clear view on how individuals evolve in models like Integral Spiral Dynamics, Wilber’s AQAL framework, Wilber-Combs Lattice, etc. We know that vertical awakening needs to be complemented with horizontal growth and healthy integral spirituality. Meaning we can now define maturity on clear scales and work on it in a scientific way.

We also saw dominator hierarchies failing and call it sometimes digital disruption, in reality it is the growth hierarchies on their way up. We can see that the old saying “don’t fight a bad system, make a new one and eventually it will become obsolete” is at work and there will be blood… Personally I am not a fan of disruption, which has become a buzz word, I prefer transformation, which is the controlled version of it. The buzz word before disruption was revolutionary, I already preferred evolutionary, for the same reasons.

Bearing the above in mind, it becomes obvious that leadership (which is sometimes called governance, management, or even governments) will change dramatically over the next decades and only the adapting will thrive, Darwin called the science of it Evolutionism. We see “evolutionary” systems at work in agile development and GIST methodology. Waterfall and excessive planning have shown their limits and have almost become a bad word in some circles, which is as stupid as the blind believe in it was. The trend is set!

Next posts about AL: definition, methodology, tools, practical examples, and more to come, depending on feedback, because elaborating is a conscious evolutionary process, if we apply our own rules, no?

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Berlin, April 1st 2018

Robert (Rosho) Hopp