« The World has become a project, let’s run it like one”

Augmented Leadership (AL) could be the next step in natural evolution of our civilisation’s prevalent leadership principles and operational models. This evolution is driven by the pressure from recent changes in our civilisation:

  1. Growing awareness of the threats of disruption of the past and current models
  2. Overwhelming complexity of dependencies in socio-cultural or technical systems
  3. Acceleration of permanent systemic change
  4. Information communication technology’s quantum leap of the last 150 years
  5. Successful experimentations of alternative models

This evolution takes place at both individual level and global level, in parallel, in various forms and at many levels. There are clearly emerging patterns and a framework can be designed to level comprehension and help operate this exiting profound change. All of us, living creatures of the thin and fragile biosphere, are, or will be impacted by this fundamental shift, probably the biggest since we settled as farmers, a few ten thousand years ago, after populating the earth a long time as hunter gatherers.

The purpose of this essay or article is to demonstrate that the shift to Augmented Leadership has the potential to solve some of the most critical challenges of our societies, corporations, cities. AL is simple, easy to understand, and allows low-cost implementations to make our civilisation sustainable again. AL is all about the way decisions are taken, by whom, with which data or processes. This is the time to augment our leadership capabilities, in a general way and we have the means to do so. The world has become a project and we can run it like one, for the first time in history.

AL is relevant in personal development and as a development methodology for organisations. Organisations can be public, territorial, corporate or non-profit, Rosho.World’s AL works for all kind or scales of them.

At first, we walk through the drivers of change, as listed above, before we see where this brings us today. We will define Augmented Leadership and the application of it, on individual and collective level, both internal and external. This methodology is the result of an interpretation of Ken Wilber’s research and his work on Integral Spiral Dynamics, which is based on the work of Graves/Beck/Cowan.

We develop AL within the AQAL model quadrants, lines, states, using Wilber’s colour codes.

As a generic key indicator for sustainability and efficiency we will introduce the Entropy Quotient (EQ) which can be used to determine energy wasted when too high or lagging activity, when too low. Another key indicator is maturity, which we define and measure on a scale of 10 of 10, or in the Spiral Dynamics Integral colour system, as it applies best.

The idea of the name Augmented Leadership (AL) comes from Augmented Reality (AR) which are mostly smartglasses using a data connection and recognising or identifying objects in your visual field and add or subtract information. Using those enables you not only to see (or hear) what you already see but enhances your perception with other perspectives. (AR on Wikipedia)

As an Augmented Leader you will not have to wear any device but you will be using the entropositive principles to enhance your conceptual OS with additional perspectives.

The benefits of augmenting your perception, simultaneously, with defined multiple perspectives are about you staying in control and being proactive in any situation. As you comprehend instantaneously any given situation in a holistic integrated way, you will know how things are going to evolve, enabling to anticipate change in your environment. You have heard about masters of martial art having the next fight sequence coming to their mind like in a movie? This is how your life is going to be, awareness, at any time you want. You will simply know all the time what to do next and take educated data- and fact-based decisions, instead of following opinions or believes.

AL requires readiness for personal development and a developed worldview, to be completely efficient. But as you want to become one of the leaders of the future, you will have left these constraints already behind you.

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