AL is a disruptive teaching for active people of the 21st century. AL is based on the integration of all aspects of life, traditional spiritual awareness creating techniques and digital nomade’s life. It suits everyone but is specifically tailored for Millennials, living a modern life, but feeling the emptiness, insecurity and useless suffering and fear. All those curious to understand the Univers, feeling that Change is coming, welcome!
One major principle of AL is the use of an Integrated Intelligence Toolbox, combined with digital communication and data analysis capabilities. AL uses and teaches Project Management methodology to get transformation under control, for all the people who understood that only change is permanent!
Those engaging in this integral path will have some of the most important benefits in their lives, success, clarity in expression, increase of presence, persistence, joie de vivre, creativity, radiance, comprehension, liberation from fear-driven behaviour, etc.
There is no obligation to follow a precise programme, as AL is built in an agile, evolutionary way, everyone can follow their intuition, hop-on, hop-off. The teaching happens in continuous sessions, on-line for some, on-site for who can. Currently sessions are happening in Berlin in English and German, sometimes in Provence in French, and we will open more locations as the team grows.
The teaching is free, donations are accepted.
Session content is spontaneous, depending on people present, always surprising. New perspectives will be presented every time, none will be bored, this is a promise we make!

AL Topics and Features

AL is a leadership enhancement programme, based on Integral principles, for leaders in organisations wanting to improve their ability to implement permanent change. We are preparing talented people to reinventing leadership for the 21st century.

Integrated Intelligence Toolbox:

  • How to make use of all 9 recognised types of intelligence
  • Traditional teachings: Integral Buddhism, principles of Dharma & Karma, concept and illusion of Enlightenment, meditation practices
  • Comprehension of the complexity of the Human Mind: nature of the ego, identification, consciousness, awareness
  • Entropositivity or good use of energy in all things
  • The 4 pillars of every good decision: purpose, values, constraints, entropy
  • How to use digital tools in an effective way to augment our lifes
  • Principles of AI (artificial intelligence), Machine Learning, data analytics and the benefits for normal people to understand the basics.
  • How can AI inspire us to make better of our brain
  • The Quadrant of all things, AQAL Theory of Everything
  • Spiral Dynamics and how to understand people who are different from us
  • All the different teachings out there, overview and benefits in light of the Spiral and AQAL, traps to avoid
  • How to chose a path in life
  • How to find a purpose in life
  • What is a Business Monk or how can I integrate spiritual principles in my professional life
  • How can I live an Augmented Life in a “normal” environment
  • Common traps for spiritual researchers
  • Evolution of the Human Mind since pre-history
  • World and Peace Mechanics and Workers, we need to prepare for the future!
  • Local, regional, global, comprehension of evolution of worldviews and governance, from the perspective of the Spiral
  • What is vertical and horizontal development?
  • What or who is the Observer or Witness in us?
  • The Entropy Quotient (EQ) and Entropy Vector (EV)
  • Entropy and Sustainability
  • System Design thinking
  • You can not control a system but you can design it, you can’t control what you don’t measure

AL is an original approach, combining personal development and leadership capabilities with data-driven awareness and system thinking.

Rosho, Berlin, 17/08/2018