Looking at above illustration by Dan Piraro, 2007, you can see biologic, obviously unconscious evolution and where it has been leading us, as a species, in our environment.

This raises the following questions and I would like to expose my opinions and observations about what could be next.

  1. A worldwide peaceful evolution towards a sustainable future, can it happen?
  2. Can evolution be conscious?
  3. If the answer is yes, how can we prepare, participate or even accelerate?

1. We don’t know if it can happen, but we should at least try!

Shit happens but people grow. Humanity is currently acting like a young teenager, searching his identity around others, sexuality, relationships with duty, egocentric and messy. Teenagers are like this and eventually they grow, as we know and become sometimes responsible adults, nothing bad about it, as such. The problem is the sheer scale and the absence of “adults” to guide the “teenager” Humanity. But absent parents happen a lot, also, and teenagers still grow, the situation is not insurmountable. We will have to clean up the mess, eventually and it will cost, that’s all!

Our children and the future generations will judge us on the effort we put in place now, to limit and control the damage. I remember the questions I asked my parents when I was a kid who started to think, about Nazi-Germany and WW2… My parents explained they could not do anything and were complete victims at the time. I am still proud of them because they did what they could most and were active players in the “green meme” evolution, doing very honest Hippie work and started one the first organic “bio” farm in the whole South of Germany! At the time, organic farmers were called terrorists by established society and yes! they pioneered the net step in evolution.

Leaves us with the question, what can we do now? How can we push to the next step? So the answer to the first question is: we don’t know about the future, but we can try! We have tools today that never existed before, we have insights that nobody had in the past. We know more about evolution than ever before and Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics have revealed past, current and future states and stages.

2. Conscious evolution is possible from second tier of Spiral, whatever colour we give it, yellow, teal, turquoise, I like them all, science and personal experience has told us. I, Rosho, am a living example of conscious evolution, as I can retrace my path through the Matrix or Wilber-Comb Lattice very well, and can evaluate the degree of consciousness of my own growth experience.

3. This leaves us with the question about the “how” of conscious evolution and must confess, I keep thinking about it over the last decades. As a result of a vow I took in 1993, I made this the central purpose of my life.

I experimented several ways, all of them were yielding results, but I was just never satisfied with the scale of it.

Other posts to follow on all I tried and what are my ideas about scaling!

Rosho, Berlin, 31/07/2018