Twitter on 10 Aug 2018:

We may say prayers when we are trying to solve the problems we face, but it is up to us to put an end to violence and bring about peace. Creating peace is our responsibility. To pray for peace while still engaging in the causes that give rise to violence is contradictory.

I replied:
Totally agree! That is why is engaged Praying may be nice, meditation is necessary, but ‘s job is to actively engage to make the world a better place. , means just that!
Now I would like to elaborate more.
When the Dalai Lama says that creating peace is our responsibility, I can not agree more! There are a lot of people praying for peace. Great. Has it ever changed anything? No. Will it ever change anything? No. Does it make people feel good? Yes, certainly. But I regret the lack of “worldly” engagement by religious people and even more by the professionals of religion, priests, popes, monks, etc. and of all religions. The thing is, that creating peace requires sometimes violence and harsh action or words. Have you ever succeeded separating a bunch of kids fighting about even a toy by praying for peace? In my experience as a father of 7 I always needed to shout and pull them apart, threaten and punish them. Never seen anybody doing otherwise when it it required.
Does the Samurai never use his sword? I don’t thinks so. When he says, the best fight is the one you don’t have to fight, this confidence is built on the capability for handling efficiently his sword.
Rosho, Berlin, 10/08/2018