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We are the experts in Augmented Leadership (AL). We implement Scaled Business Agility and DevSecOps.

We organize your digital transformation. We use the Scaled Agile Inc. SAFe® Framework, train all Scaled Agile project roles, and strengthen swarm intelligence to assure efficiency, innovation, and long-term success. Rosho.World – your navigators at the edge of complexity.

The method is the solution! We work on networking creative minds, efficiently connecting teams and divisions, and initiating automatic self-optimization.

The future is only conceivable when all work together to compose the conception. Enable swarm intelligence in your organization! Because highly complex challenges can only be mastered with a synergy of all of your combined knowledge and powers. Always stay a step ahead of the present with Augmented Leadership.

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Your Augmented Leadership Partner recommends the following:

Get to know our best practices. Use our intelligent tools and sophisticated methods to bring programs, portfolios, and projects under control, while eliminating disruptive factors. Grow in the digital age.

1-A Single Agenda Encompassing Purpose, Values, Reality, and Energy

1-A Single Agenda Encompassing Purpose, Values, Reality, and EnergyThere can only be one agenda--not two, three or more. Your agenda must take into account four factors for orientation. That's it. Keep it simple! But aren't four characteristics too few? And in this...

2-Neither “Flat Hierarchies,” Nor Mere Consensus: Leadership Based Upon Competence

2-Neither "Flat Hierarchies," Nor Mere Consensus: Leadership Based Upon CompetenceTear down the chain of command and start over? What could be more beautiful than equality and consensus? It sounds nice, but it doesn't work out in practice--especially when dealing with...

Augmented Leadership©.

The Augmented Leadership Manifesto12 principles, 12 pillars. The Acropolis of Swarm Intelligence. If a column is missing, the swarm cannot fly.StatementWe cannot solve problems with the mindset that they were created. When projects fail, the root cause is always bad...

Introduction to Augmented Leadership

My name is Rosho; I work as a Transformational Consultant, Lean-Agile Enterprise Architect, and Scaled Agile Program Manager/Consultant in my company Rosho.World UG in Berlin/Germany. I work for major global corporations, as well as SMEs and Startups all over the...

The InterTaG Project

The world is a project and the method is the solution. Does the world need another Internet? The Internet of Information has been around for some time, followed by the Internet of Assets, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Energy. What is missing? What...

Agile/Adaptive vs. Waterfall? A big Misunderstanding!

Scaled Agile, Adaptive Business, combined with Distributed Competence & Responsibility Management, also called Self-Organisation, are the most powerful and engaging ways of working together. We design, implement, coach, mentor and teach the future of work and...

Stragedy, Strategy or Tragedy

I went to Italy recently, twice, to Rome and Sicily, visited a bit, and talked to some colleagues there. In Rome, we were staying a few meters away from the Vatican and a dear friend told me about the notion of "stragedy" of politics in Italy. Obviously, the friend...

Qi Gong of the Soaring Crane

Soaring Crane Qi Gong is among the most powerful tools to connect body, heart, mind and soul and balance out life. It helps developing empathy.

The Magic of the Ontology Map

What is an ontology? Roughly 2500 years ago, during Fifth Century BC, in a remote province town called Elia, Province of today's Salerno in Southern Italy, part of the Greater Greece, a smart guy called Parmenides developed the concept of ontology, as a philosophic...

Current IT Systems: End of Lifecycle

Digital Transformation is one thing, managing risks is the other one! If we do not transform profoundly, the systemic risk of disruption of service raises. We can see more and more outages, more difficult to repair, with bigger impact. The Entropy Quotient sky-rockets...

Two fundamental problems are currently costing the global economy billions, and undermining the motivation of employees:

1. Incompetent leadership based upon opinions instead of facts.

2. Transformations doomed to fail from the beginning because of false assumptions.

Let Rosho.World show you how to navigate the frontiers of complexity.


70% of large-scale digital transformation programs fail.


60% of big data projects fail.


80% of employees worldwide are dissatisfied with their work.


60% of managers say they find their work pointless.

Be innovative, efficient, and successful!

In the digital age, complexity and scaling form a field of tension. Transformation and innovation are slowed down when the field of tension is inactive; then sales head into decline.

Rosho.World – Your Augmented Leadership Partner provides the toolbox for successful transformations. We support you in increasing efficiency, sales, and innovation.

Expand your leadership skills.

Use all kinds of intelligence: emotional, social, cultural, mathematical, linguistic, artificial …

Implement reality- and data-driven leadership. Listen less to opinions. Listen to advice based upon competence. Stop guessing!

Base decisions upon informed forecasts. Monitor progress with appropriate metrics.

Develop a holistic approach to your organization.

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