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1-A Single Agenda Encompassing Purpose, Values, Reality, and Energy

1. Principle – The Navigator
There can only be one agenda–not two, three or more. Your agenda must take into account four factors for orientation. That’s it. Keep it simple!

But aren’t four characteristics too few? And in this complex world, don’t you need a program for everything?
No! But the demands keep coming, “We need a department of this, and an office for that.” Such demands are killing us. You do not solve a problem by creating a new problem! Entropy applied to entropy does not result in progress! It’s chaos squared. Therefore, you need one agenda encompassing four generally valid values: Purpose, Values, Reality, and Energy.

Purpose: Why? What’s your goal? Where are you going in the long term? How can you navigate through all of the obstacles which will arise? You cannot reach your long term goal if you are redirected by side issues. Your Purpose must be clearly defined in order to avoid costly confusion and dead ends. All planning must align with your purpose.

Values: The fundamental values and qualities upon which your whole organization and all of your actions are based..

Reality:The circumstances, i.e. dependencies, obstacles, existing risks– known, expected, or suspected– which affect your plan, and therefore need to be addressed in your plan.

Energy: What efforts must be exerted to carry out the plan over the long term. Essentially, we mean time, people, money, electricity, and related powers.

Both an understanding of the past actions, and calculation of the intended future is required for decision-making based upon the four factors. The more systematic our decision-making today, the better it will be in the future! You see how principle 1 of the AL Manifesto rocks!