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8-Silent Heroes Before Loud Superheroes

In the intelligent swarm, social competence is existentially important.

The swarm as a principle is based on mutual understanding and respect. If mutual respect is given, harmony arises. This harmony is fundamentally fragile because there are so many parties involved. Noisy participants, feeling like superheroes, abusing the swarm for heroic self-promotion, or engaging in competence hijacking can disrupt the harmony and thus interfere with the swarm’s success.

This is a problem that occurs in almost every company. It’s a problem that needs to be overcome so that the intelligent swarm can function undisturbed, and powerfully address new challenges.

Loud superheroes are employees who are often highly competent professionally, but act in a socially incompetent manner. Loud superheroes carry their professional expertise loudly in front of them, as if they were carrying a victory flag. Loud superheroes never miss an opportunity to acquire areas of expertise outside their core competency, thereby expanding their own roles and responsibilities.

Loud superheroes silence silent heroes, and deprive them of space to develop.

Loud superheroes act aggressively, and act like conquerors. They occupy fields of competence in order to make themselves indispensable and irreplaceable. And if they succeed in doing that, it would indeed be difficult to replace them.

Silent heroes suffer from loud superheroes. In response to their suffering, they focus upon their competence, become even more silent, and may suffer constant anxiety and even professional insecurity. The silent heroes are the diamonds of every company. Making them shine should be a key business concern. That strengthens the corporate swarm as a whole through a good and harmonious working atmosphere.

Therefore, it is necessary to deprive the loud superheroes of the space to develop their volume.

This is why we emphasized the 7th principle of the AL Manifesto “Clearly Define Roles and Responsibilities.” The more clearly that roles and responsibilities are delineated, the more protected space becomes available for development of the silent heroes.

Silent heroes are always outnumbered in a company. Loud superheroes want to be celebrated like ancient kings. When dethroned, they do not turn into silent heroes, but often act like ancient dethroned kings intent upon retribution and restoration. Or they quit. If they cannot adjust to the new situation, their departure from the company will also be good for the future development of the intelligent swarm.