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The Augmented Leadership Manifesto

12 principles, 12 pillars. The Acropolis of Swarm Intelligence. If a column is missing, the swarm cannot fly.


We cannot solve problems with the mindset that they were created. When projects fail, the root cause is always bad governance. In short: failure of the control system. When a swarm strays or disbands, or when projects fail, the root cause is always lousy governance no matter the scale. When the target is diverged from, and a brick wall is hit – it’s not that avoidance was impossible, even when caused by too many vying for control. But this requires a new mindset: Augmented Leadership.

Augmented leadership offers enriched control that provides an expanded view of growing complexity. AL principles and methods are the solutions to the root of governance problems. AL enriches human intelligence with Artificial Intelligence (AI), provides next-level interactions and triggers the intelligent swarm mode. AL can be used to lead organizations of all sizes to sustainable solutions.

Expect nothing less than revolutionary theses!

The Twelve Principles of the Augmented Leadership Manifesto