Cyber ​​Security DevSecOps

Because attacks from the dark web are constantly increasing

DevSecOps - For your cyber security

It's not a question of IF, the question is WHEN the attack will take place. Will you talk to us before or after? We provide an analysis of your cybersecurity readiness and then propose a package of action. We want your company to be safer!

Comprehensive analysis with Rosho.World

Risk assessment, creating a plan with method. In one week we'll find out where we can add value to your business, what you should do first, with or without us. You benefit from our unique perspective as SAFe practitioners and transformation experts . Move forward smoothly and safely! Take a ride with us!

We strive for openness and security by design.

We are Managed Service Providers (MSP):

  • Management of credentials and access
  • GDPR-compliant procedures
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
  • pen test

We not only advise you - we implement DevSecOps for you and also train your teams:

  • Awareness and training of employees
  • password management
  • Endpoint Detection Response to treatments

More safety on three supporting pillars:

  • Confidentiality - guaranteed
  • Consistency - given
  • Availability: In stock

Customer and Value Oriented Policies:

All of our solutions help you design and refine your corporate policies.

Including a state-of-the-art full backup 3-2-3 disaster recovery plan for your valuable data and systems, an appropriate contingency plan if some roles are missing in action, whatever the reason.

ROAM* your risks away!

"Resolve, Own, Accept, and Mitigate" - "Resolve, own, accept and mitigate". In order to create the necessary security for the future in the present.

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