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Supporters instead of Regents – Executive Coaching for the Digital Era

Top Down was yesterday. Bottom Up is the name of the game for today and tomorrow. But what does this mean for managers, for CEOs, for company founders, for people in leadership positions? With Rosho.World to Augmented Leadership. Next Level Coaching.

Go for change. So you certainly do not miss it. In agile environments, armies are no longer commanded; instead, the intelligent swarm is empowered for maximum coordination and cooperation. Management must serve this empowerment in order to maintain a raison d’être. That sounds radical and possibly also like overthrow or socialism. But this is not about a political system. However, it is an upheaval. Because it is quite simply about: Survival in the digital age.

Rosho.World points the way to further success with Augmented Leadership. This path begins with a change in mindset.

Old-school regency is no longer expedient. What is needed is servant leadership. Company founders, CEOs and managers like to carry servant leadership in front of them as a flag of innovation.

But was it really understood what that meant?

We do not want to appear opinionated and lecturing here – but the new competencies and roles in modern, iterative development and production processes are complex and want to be understood precisely. Only with this can an optimal role as a subprotector:in be found and exercised.

The Augmented Leadership Manifesto provides the basis and orientation.

Rosho.World – your navigators at the tear-off edges of complexity