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Innovation or securing existence through renewal

Without renewal, death is at the door. This also applies to companies. Innovation is the staple that keeps any business alive. Which is why idea generation is for survival.

What is the solution?

This is often asked first, and it is a problem because the question is too specific. It narrows the space of possibilities. The more powerful first question aloud: What is the problem? Followed by a possible second: In what direction can we think to enable meaningful innovation.

“Vision before strategies or solutions” is the 5th principle of the Augmented Leadership Manifesto. It provides orientation for more innovativeness.

“First the vision for an undertaking, then options for possible strategies for feasible solutions .If you start by looking for a strategy or even a solution right away, you narrow the range of options,” the statement on the 5th principle reads.

In the highly complex digital age, a choice of strong options is elementary to finding the optimal solution.

The more efficient the ideation process, the greater the likelihood of good options and very good solutions.

How to open this funnel of ideation, how to achieve the greatest possible and at the same time most meaningful participation in the process of idea generation, with which filters the results then only bubble up – we have systematized this process as Kakushin Innovation©. Kakushin Innovation© assumes that the first thing to do is to identify the reason for the need for an innovation. Ideally through a customer survey that is as precise and widespread as possible.

The results are processed in a Big Room Meeting by means of special condensation procedures in such a way that high-caliber findings emerge, namely three, at most five good reasons for an innovation.

These three to five good reasons can then be used to generate further ideas in the Big Room according to a special system.

Once these reasons are known, ideas for a concretely justified innovation can be sensibly sought. To be finally evaluated by the competence leaders. Again, according to a system of specific filters.