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My name is Rosho; I work as a Transformational Consultant, Lean-Agile Enterprise Architect, and Scaled Agile Program Manager/Consultant in my company Rosho.World UG in Berlin/Germany. I work for major global corporations, as well as SMEs and Startups all over the world.

Over decades of experience with projects of all scales in many industries, cultures, and four continents, I have created a transformation framework called Augmented Leadership (AL). It is based on the statement that swarm intelligence is necessary to cope with organizations’ and systems’ increasing complexity and size. As the required scalability has not proven successful with the current hierarchical governance structures, we have developed Augmented Leadership. AL works well with the multiple forms of human intelligence and in collaboration with artificial intelligence of machines. The 12 principles of the Manifesto are the pillars of any organization that wants successfully use swarm intelligence. These principles are the prerequisites to be set for any sustainable transformation. If a principle is missing, it goes wrong, in my experience.

Now, this is a draft and not set in stone. Are we not lean-agile? That means that we are ready to learn extensively and improve relentlessly. Some of these principles are pretty common and have recently become mainstream, and some will hopefully raise remarks and questions! I invite you to react and shout out loud if I hit the nail or hammer beside the pin and make useless noise!

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