5 - Visions before strategies or solutions

First the vision, then the strategy, then the solution

Any other order is wrong and probably a costly mistake.

Suppose you want to cross a river. One strategy would be to plan and build a bridge across the river, one solution would be to build a bridge. But is this solution the only one? Let the team surprise you and work out parallel options!

Swim through it, look for a ford, build a raft? Flying over it in a helicopter? Let the swarm create more efficient strategies to solve the problem faster and try several of them in parallel. Until the ideal solution emerges. And don't say we don't have time for creativity...

This principle applies without exception to all companies and ventures.

First the vision for a project, then options for possible strategies for feasible solutions. If you start looking for a strategy or even a solution right away, you narrow the range of options. In the age of rapidly increasing complexity, weighing and evaluating options to choose the best one is crucial. The second best may still be good, but the very best is crucial for sustainable success.

6 – Servant Leadership