The Augmented Leadership Manifesto

12 principles, 12 pillars. The Acropolis of Swarm Intelligence.

If one pillar is missing, the swarm cannot fly.


We've learned that we can't solve problems with the mindset that created them. When projects fail, the real cause is always wrong steering. In short: governance failure. Failure in governance is the root cause of most things that go wrong in this world, no matter the scale. Whatever is driven into the wall – evasion was and is possible in principle. But this requires a new way of thinking: augmented leadership .

Augmented leadership offers enriched governance that allows for a broader view of growing complexity. AL principles and methods are the solution to the root of leadership problems. AL enriches human intelligence with AI, ensures next-level interaction and activates the intelligent swarm mode. With AL, organizations of all sizes can be led to sustainable solutions.

Expect nothing less than revolutionary theses!

1-One unique agenda