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Good & not so good news

What’s up? What doesn’t work? What works? What goes down? What’s going on? What arrives? What goes wrong? What’s crazy? What’s crazy good? What sounds crazy, but is pretty smart? Which is great, but no one noticed? What should we not overlook under any circumstances? And what is so great that you want to cheer with enthusiasm?

We look, select, analyze, want to understand, put up for discussion and develop a best practice. Because: A rough diamond is a stone that can be confused with a pebble. It is properly ground brilliantly.

With our news blog we offer material for grinding and also grinding machines. And the raw diamonds are lying on the street. You just have to pick it up and work on it. It’s best to start right away.

Up to date with Rosho.World – your navigators at the breakaway edges of complexity.

Augmented Leadership©.

The Augmented Leadership Manifesto12 principles, 12 pillars. The Acropolis of Swarm Intelligence. If a column is missing, the swarm cannot fly.StatementWe cannot solve problems with the mindset that they were created. When projects fail, the root cause is always bad...

Introduction to Augmented Leadership

Introduction to Augmented Leadership

My name is Rosho; I work as a Transformational Consultant, Lean-Agile Enterprise Architect, and Scaled Agile Program Manager/Consultant in my company Rosho.World UG in Berlin/Germany. I work for major global corporations, as well as SMEs and Startups all over the...

The InterTaG Project

The world is a project and the method is the solution. Does the world need another Internet? The Internet of Information has been around for some time, followed by the Internet of Assets, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Energy. What is missing? What...

Stragedy, Strategy or Tragedy

I went to Italy recently, twice, to Rome and Sicily, visited a bit, and talked to some colleagues there. In Rome, we were staying a few meters away from the Vatican and a dear friend told me about the notion of "stragedy" of politics in Italy. Obviously, the friend...

Qi Gong of the Soaring Crane

Soaring Crane Qi Gong is among the most powerful tools to connect body, heart, mind and soul and balance out life. It helps developing empathy.

The Magic of the Ontology Map

The Magic of the Ontology Map

What is an ontology? Roughly 2500 years ago, during Fifth Century BC, in a remote province town called Elia, Province of today's Salerno in Southern Italy, part of the Greater Greece, a smart guy called Parmenides developed the concept of ontology, as a philosophic...

Current IT Systems: End of Lifecycle

Digital Transformation is one thing, managing risks is the other one! If we do not transform profoundly, the systemic risk of disruption of service raises. We can see more and more outages, more difficult to repair, with bigger impact. The Entropy Quotient sky-rockets...