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Organizational development with Rosho.World

Bottom Up with Us. Employees must be actively involved in the development of the organization. Then development takes place.

We listen, ask questions, contribute ideas, present tools, inform, discuss, accompany, coach, implement …

We avoid slides and time-consuming presentations as much as possible, and we don’t make big speeches either. This is organizational development with Rosho.World. We optimize efficiency, invigorate communication, initiate self-organization and a culture of continuous learning and progress. Improvement from the inside out, from the bottom up. The basis for this is the Augmented Leadership Manifesto and its twelve theses.

In order for the change from a mechanically dominated production to a digitally dominated one to succeed, employees should first be made to understand this necessity. In our experience, this can only be achieved from the bottom up. The so-called Gemba Walk is indispensable for this. Going where the real work is done. Listen there, convince there.

Organizational development as a systemic process for profound change is a challenge that many consulting firms are currently failing to meet. Almost without exception, they fail due to resistance from employees. They do not see why they should give up familiar behavior, why old privileges should suddenly be called into question. Often resistance is not voiced, but exercised covertly. This resistance can be so great that it jeopardizes the success of a digital transformation.

We are all the more convinced of this because we know it from many years of experience: Organizational development always needs an organizational culture based on empathy and transparency. Respect is the highest good here.

Rosho.World – your navigators at the tear-off edges of complexity