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Rosho.World superpower – what makes us unique

We come when the consultants go. We deliver hands-on where others leave nothing but slides and invoices.

The world is full of empty words. They wander through brains like space junk in Earth orbit. Sure: artificial intelligence could help, but artificial stupidity is at the start. Thus, the vocabulary change process was catapulted into orbit.

How many times did it turn into a dashed hope followed by a broken charge? Very often. Because it’s easier to talk about change than to implement it. Then agility. Hey guys, let’s all get agile. The next rocket. What does reality have to say about this? A giant squeeze in the real existing silos, where Scrum is now written on it, and the crash to enterprise level is imminent. So consultants are brought in. They give advice and present charts. What remains after they have left?

On the one hand, a sense of relief. Old-school regents pat each other on the back and say: All’s well, we’re on the right track, it says Change, but everything remains the same, hurrah!

Crap, grumbles the leadership of the next generation and goes into internal emigration.

Stop it now!

We can no longer afford to do that.

Silos as dead ends are so yesterday!

And the next generations should be encouraged.

At Rosho.World, we are the antidote to toxic work environments. As an Augmented Leadership Partner, we are now really cleaning up the artificial stupidity. With a management buy-in, we transform vertical, process-oriented companies within a few months into intelligent swarms of interconnected neurons working towards a common goal! Bye bye dead end …

We consistently thin out endless meetings of upper and middle management and instead introduce topic-driven asynchronous digital communication. Adios time destruction …

We listen to what the people who do the actual work have to say and make sure that the stewards of the work serve those people. We remove the breeding ground for decision-making based on opinion and power to promote competency-based decision-making. Because artificial stupidity costs – quite simply: far too much.

We are the opposite of consultants, because we coach bottom up as augmented leadership partners. We put our money where our mouth is because we and our customers know that we deliver quickly and with focus. We speak out clearly and loudly because we are fed up with the nappy-soft-waddly-nice talk of supposed colleagues. We broadcast with verve because we want to be heard in the cacophony of half-truths and self-proclaimed prescriptions, and because we believe that fog, however friendly it may build up in front of you, blocks your view.

What does fog block your view of? To one of the greatest challenges of our time: the transformation from an industry based on mechanics and mechanical production to a digital one. What do we need for this? Networked brains, organized as a highly intelligent swarm, self-organizing and self-optimizing.

But that’s quite simple: More Scrum and agility and so …

It just isn’t. There are countless brakes and brakemen in current mindsets, countless misunderstandings and dead ends in implementation. We know how to release brakes and avoid Dead End Streets. With evolutionary psychology, with data-driven decision making and metrics-based management.


We, your augmented leadership superheroes, infiltrate, transform and optimize. We work subversively and operate in stealth mode. We approach like a submarine, and when we surface to become visible, we show up as a freighter with a giant load of field-tested, extremely helpful tools. We inject effectiveness into the buzzwords Agile Transformation and Digital Change. We fill the sleeves with content. We start off with the fuel of a best practice and also take you all the way to Mars.

What do we need for this? Your Go – resilient for when things get rough and edgy, when things don’t go quite right in certain minds.

Let’s rock it!

Rosho.World – your augmented leadership partner, your navigators at the wrecking edges of complexity.