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About Us

Souvenir. Think clean. rethink. think through. Think new. Think clearly. With well-positioned brains in the core team.

We revolve around competence.

We bring experience, interest and mindfulness with us and leave preconceived notions and templates for action at home. We are craftsmen for digital content and come up with a toolbox full of ingenious methods. We use our tools in a very targeted manner. We turn the adjusting screws for the success of digital transformations. We solve what's rusty. We strengthen knowledge, organize competence in circles, network expertise with devotion and start together as an intelligent swarm.

In order for the take-off to succeed, it takes courage and cooperation at all levels. Teams want to be picked up. Every change begins with persuasion. Instead Robert (Rosho) Hopp , Yuko Osao , Jonas Hopp , Otmar (OJ) Jenner , Andreas Dahrendorf - your Augmented Leadership Partners. Home of the Augmented Leadership Manifesto . Hands-on to new shores in times of increasing complexity.