The team

The team

Robert (Rosho) Hopp

Rosho.World Founder, Certified SAFe® 5 Program Consultant (SPC) , expert in leadership, transformation and change management, 30 years in IT

“The challenges of the present are not trivial. We are witnessing the transition from a mechanical industry to a digital one. In order to master this transition, a major update of the operating system of the organizations is necessary. We need intelligent shortcuts and clever highways for sustainable renewal. As an augmented leadership partner, we implement proven best practices to optimize governance at all levels. Our goal is to support founders, managers and employees of small, medium and large companies in designing and building the future they want.”

Yuko Osao

Rosho.World Founder, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, Alumni Economics, Expert in Feminine Leadership

“Toxic masculine leadership has reached the end of its life cycle. Toxic Masculinity is no longer profitable. The 21st century is becoming increasingly feminine. But feminine leadership is not tied to a biological gender. Men who act and think in a feminine way can become powerful engines of this transformation, because exclusion is not required. Cooperation according to feminine principles is required. Interpersonal skills and sustainability are required. The testosterone knights of the past didn't deliver. Not socially, not economically and certainly not ecologically. But only sustainability pays off in the long run. As an Augmented Leadership Partner, we promote feminine leadership.”

Jonas Hopp

IT Professional specializing in Cybersecurity

“2021 was a record year for hacker attacks. Pipeline operators in the USA, a meat producer in Australia, the Irish health service, Mediamarkt-Saturn, the University of Leipzig, the city administration in Schwerin, Stadtwerke Wismar, the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld - attacks with ransomware are increasing from year to year. The Federal Office for Information Security counted around 144 million variants of malware in 2021. According to Allianz Insurance, attacks have even increased by 125%. Supply chain attacks, i.e. attacks via infected third-party software, are also increasing. We implement effective DevSecOps security systems in order to rule out the success of such attacks and the associated blackmail attempts as far as possible. As an Augmented Leadership Partner , we help you feel more secure.”

Otmar (OJ) Jenner

Certified SAFe® 5 Program Consultant (SPC) , PSPO , PSM , IPMA Level D, Full Stack Web Developer, author, ex-journalist

“The knowledge society of today is overwhelmed with its skyrocketing complexity. Simplification and consolidation are all the more important. This affects the type of communication, the ways of communication and the networking of those communicating. Who talks to whom when and how much and how many and which listeners is not a banal question, but rather a fundamental consideration, the result of which (co-)determines innovation, efficiency and turnover. Competence speaks better to competence and serves to convey competence. Incompetence belongs the word withdrawn. In small, self-learning, self-organized teams, this happens almost automatically. With scaled agility, further supporting methods and processes are required. As an augmented leadership partner, we support you in improving internal company communication.”

Andrew Dahrendorf

Andrew Dahrendorf

Certified SAFe® Product Owner (SPO)/Product Manager (SPM) , Full Stack Web Developer, corporate management, multiple teams in parallel. 35 years serial entrepreneur in film production, virtual and augmented reality

“There's a strange film going on in the economy. You try to hold on to something that hasn't been stable for a long time: decision-making processes from the past. A cliffhanger as directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It remains to be seen who manages to pull himself up to the saving new level. Or who gives up and will let himself fall. Times of increased volatility are times of increased opportunity. Recognizing and exploiting these opportunities is a present-day challenge. Sustainable prosperity is emerging in the desirable future. Getting there requires motivation, courage, the ability to communicate and the will to be transparent. As an augmented leadership partner, we strengthen motivation, transparency and efficiency in your company. We want you to prosper.”