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Program Management in Digital Enterprises

The time of purely manual production is over. Programs focused on manual production are dying out. Digitization permeates everything. Unstoppable.

Every program management must adapt to this change, otherwise it will move past the realities and become obsolete. Explicitly said: It goes down. Re-position your program management with Rosho.World. Today for tomorrow.

Operational program management has changed with scaled agility, as has general management in general.

Program Managers:inside now no longer give top-down orders to their troops, but are there to identify and support the various value streams. Program managers have become servant leaders.

In SAFe®, the role of Program Manager is now called Release Train Engineer (RTE), Program Consultant (SPC), or Solution Engineer. With Rosho.World, we have been filling these roles since 2006, now fleshed out based on our Augmented Leadership Manifesto.

Rosho.World – your navigators at the tear-off edges of complexity