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I had the pleasure and the honour to travel to China 25 years ago, in 1993, before many of the big changes occurred. I had the privilege to see, feel and smell a China that will never come back. We could not travel without an official interpreter and an Army Officer beside us at this time, to protect us and the Chinese we met, from us. It was a trip into unknown territory and we were to places no long-noses had ever been before.

Jiang Zemin was the president at the time, nobody remembers him much in the Western World, I suppose, but it was the beginning of the big wide opening and an incredible fast transformation. Mao himself was dead since 1976.

zhaoJinXiang.jpgMy spiritual master at the time, a crazy French guy who went by several names, a bit like me, and myself went to see a Qi Gong master named Zhao Jin-Xiang in Beijing, who was pretty much of a star of Qi Gong at the time, with 20 millions of people practising it, so we were told, which is a lot, even for China. His Qi was incredible and the experience was tremendous.

Benefits of Qi Gong

The practice of this Qi Gong is so powerful that it deeply transforms the body consciousness in little time. The effects are very easy to feel, after only a few days, that I consider this one of the most rewarding and effective connectors of body, mind and soul. Fast is important for beginners, it motivates, deep is important for advanced practice, it’s really going far. The quality and ease of meditation after only 10 or 20 minutes of practice, the 5 or 6 routines more or less slow, is amazing. It helps to balance the vital energy and prevents from disease, as a side effect. People report also an acceleration of the self-healing process, in some cases, which I believe easily, as I had several dysfunctions in my own body balanced out.


I recommend the practice of Qi Gong as a precious complement to any spiritual practice, together with Hatha Yoga, especially for the breathing, as a balancing exercise, stimulating the vital energy (Qi) and body awareness. It activates the conscious circulation of Qi in every part of the body and whenever there are problems preparing, we can pro-actively intervene.

You need to understand, that in the traditional Chinese concept of medicine, Qi is at the centre: disease develops and spreads, when the vital energy is not circulating as it should and blocked. All organs are working well in a balanced system, with all the exchanges happening normally. If these flows are disturbed, parts of the body suffer and develop dysfunctions of all kind. Every system or organisation has more or less complex communication flows, internally and with the other systems around. What Qi Gong does, is to stimulate flows and bringing problems to the awareness of the owner of the system, who can then project-manage counter-measures and initiatives. When these problems start, they are often not yet so important, but they will become it when the unbalanced state stays longer. Qi Gong puts unbalanced states on a radar and allows to react with exercise, adjusting lifestyle, whatever is needed. This way, disease and sickness do not occur, as the causes of it are seriously limited. Existing malfunctions are balanced out from the root. The immune system is strong and can fight back external aggression and infection efficiently. The result is a healthier life.

Another side effect of our body becoming aware of its own energy flows, is a dramatically increased level of empathy. Emotional empathy and even physical empathy. Since I practice Qi Gong and after becoming aware of my real self, I experience sometimes other people’s pain and emotions physically in my own body, which took me a while to interpret correctly and accept. But that is another story, which I need to explain more in details, and maybe not publically.

After 35 years of meditation and 25 years practising Qi Gong, when I miss out a day, I feel and miss it and it reminds me of its value every day of my life.

Rosho, Berlin, 27/8/2018