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Rosho.World and SAFe® – the path of digital transformation

We implement a digital transformation according to SAFe® in stealth mode and step by step. This reduces complexity and promotes bottom-up implementation.

The importance of the stealth mode cannot be emphasized enough here. The name of the method catalog for the transformation, what the corresponding graphics look like, whether these representations are possibly confusing or intimidating, is in principle irrelevant. It is important that a digital transformation succeeds and also works sustainably. Which label you stick on it beforehand is basically secondary. This is not to diminish the accomplishments of SAFe creators and optimizers.

Rosho.World’s work is based on this and would therefore like to explicitly express its appreciation for the SAFe® Framework. However, it can be very helpful for the introduction of SAFe® to save the designation as such for a point in time when the digital transformation according to and with SAFe® has already succeeded.

Therefore transformation in stealth mode. And step by step. This is at least as important.

We are of the opinion: Whoever tries to introduce and implement SAFe© to the full extent and with all features at once will quite probably fail.

We know this from multiple reports of failed transformations. And criticism of SAFe® is fed in no small measure by such negative experiences.

Step by step visualized looks like this: Stage one – Mowed lawn, no stalk sticking out.

Mowed lawn: Nothing may bloom here

Something grows, but in the military capped green. No deserts, but boredom as far as the eye can see. The picture for old-school companies. Sure, the lawn grows, but mowed in step. No creativity, no innovation. Here, top down is shaved. Digitization needs wild growth. Digitization is growing elsewhere.

Stage one is followed by two – the lawn may become a meadow. It grows what was not allowed to sprout before. At first, only in one place. The first blossoms are appearing. This is the beginning, the first step: What was not allowed to sprout before is allowed to grow: self-organization.

Lawn with an island of daisies
And other teams will also want to reap these rewards. Which is why they also want to work in an agile way.

This naturally results in stage three: Dhe company as a flourishing meadow. What grows grows on its own. The old-school reaper is no longer needed. You can trust the breeding ground and a good fertilizer – and the flowering will be overwhelming.

Flower meadow

A colorful and metaphorical representation of a successful digital transformation after and with SAFe© in stealth mode, introduced and implemented step by step bottom up – the way Rosho.World drives it.

Isn’t that a little too flowery to be hard business? Wrong! It is the future. All the more so as the present appears brutally gray right now,