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Transformation under the radar – let’s stealth it!

We are convinced: In most cases, it is helpful to start change quietly. Initially in a manageable range. In one team, at most three at the same time. So that they become pilots of a transformation. This is transformation under the radar, change in stealth mode.

They liked to come with a roar. All should see that they are there, maximum noise to wake up the fallen asleep spirits. Some then woke up outside the door, because the arrivals were mostly responsible for cuts, which meant layoffs and thus seemed unattractive to employees.

Advisors and consultants in the yield wild years before the turn of the millennium.

No wonder the lights went out for a great many when consultants entered a company.

Then change through digitization. Again, consultants are needed. Shall show how to transform cleverly. Like to come into enemy territory like a commando operation. Listen up, everyone! Change is the order of the day!

The same drumming as before the noughties. Only transfigured in a different way gentle and sham friendly. There is little that is peaceful about it. Change is to be grafted on. Employees:inside should, must be instructed for it. Roughly if necessary.

The name of the game is change or death.

It is no wonder that consultants are still not particularly popular among employees in companies. Even if they are now called consultant or coach.

The need for digital transformations are no longer debatable at this point. How to drive such, however, does. Change under the radar – we also call it the submarine principle – is very effective.

The prerequisite is that the management wants a transformation and makes the shift in mindset. The transformation from a regent to a facilitator. This means that employees are no longer governed and directed, but their abilities are moderated.

If this is communicated clearly and transparently within the company, resistance to change will be minimized. Competence-based organization and decision-making, set up in a decentralized and iterative manner, is in principle much more attractive than the old top-down system. And brings significantly more money. This is in the interest of all parties involved. So it is easily understood.

However, the way there is not trivial. Hence the stealth mode.

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