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The world is a project and the method is the solution.

Does the world need another Internet?

The Internet of Information has been around for some time, followed by the Internet of Assets, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Energy.

What is missing?

What is the most important thing of all?

What is the cause of all problems on every scale, local, regional, national, continental, global?

Transformation and governance

At the 21st century, we use the governance structures of the 16th to 20th centuries in all countries, companies, corporations, NGOs, even families.

Wouldn’t it be time to introduce more effective methods that evolve evolutionarily – now, finally, that we are at the end of the life cycle of current systems?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, you create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” R. Buckminster Fuller

We initiate another Internet. Internet of Transformation and Governance, or InterTaG for short.

Yes, an Internet of transformation and governance is urgently needed

All the information we need or want is just a click away. We have cryptocurrencies, can purchase non fungible tokens (NFTs), own smartphones, internet-connected refrigerators and robots, smart meters, and rooftop solar panels that feed energy into power grids.

What is really missing in this interconnected and interactive world is digital governance and platforms to support overdue transformation and governance so that more meaningful patterns can emerge in the prevailing, general haphazard global chaos.

The world is already full of people and organizations that analyze problems and propose solutions – but, to paraphrase Albert Einstein:

“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

This is the starting point of the InterTaG project: we need new ways of thinking and methods so that we can solve our problems. In the InterTaG, they are to be provided, communicated, discussed and optimized.

The generations from the 21st century will build the society for the next 80 years.

How will they look back from the year 2100 to our present?

We want to give these bright young people the digital tools and methods to develop alternative and optimized governance in parallel to current governance structures in a decentralized, interactive, cumulative, and increasingly intelligent swarm fashion.

The necessary technology for such systems is available. The task is to design and build the platform to enable this vision and purpose.

The InterTaG includes expanded female leadership

Proportion of women in governments? Proportion of women in management positions in the Corporate? Rhetorical question … disaster, scandal, you don’t even know where to start because the answer is shameful.

Source: Unesco, International Labor Organization

Only 22% of all leaders in the world are women, and in 30 years the progress has been only 3%. What does this tell us? The current governance style is toxic and not suitable for women. Women are bullied, have to be more competent and are still paid less. That is why men, mostly old and white, rule the world.

With the InterTaG, Rosho.World is working on a platform with leadership principles and methods that affect women and men equally.

Gender and age neutrality is a must if we are to learn to work and live together sustainably and build better versions of the future.

Feminine empowerment is a core concern of Augmented Leadership (AL). It is based on simple principles. AL is adaptive and evolutionary, agile and lean, iterative and self-organized, competency-driven and data-driven, digital and decentralized. The exact opposite of what can be observed outside in the world in general. The world is currently functioning: power-based, opinion-based, ideological, gender-based, age-discriminatory, family-unfriendly, bureaucratic, centralized, anti-learning, and generating increasing entropy.

What is it? Exactly: garbage.

We have to clear more and more of it away. That is the reality.

We urgently need methods for sustainable optimization.


Leadership is becoming female. Men are invited to join. Please keep testosterone contests out. No more Pissing Contests!

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