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We display brands on our website for which Rosho.World OÜ has the right to use.

We only show a ® or © sign the first time we name the brands, in the text that follows we usually do without it.

  • Scaled Agile SAFe® – Scaled Agile Inc.
  • Augmented Leadership© Partners – Robert “Rosho” Hopp
  • Augmented Leadership© Framework – Robert “Rosho” Hopp
  • Augmented Leadership Manifesto© – Robert “Rosho” Hopp and Otmar Jenner
  • Augmented© Framework - Robert "Rosho" Hopp
  • Tebiki©- Making Decisions - Robert "Rosho" Hopp
  • Nemawashi© Aligning Decisions – Robert “Rosho” Hopp
  • Kakushin© - Innovation "Free Style" - Robert "Rosho" Hopp
  • InterTaG© Transformation & Governance – Robert “Rosho” Hopp
  • BPM Business Process Management Institute