Entropy is affecting your business

“Entropy is the supreme law of nature and governs everything we do. Entropy tells us why our existing world is crumbling and what we can do to repair it.” – Jeremy Rifkin

The science behind it

Entropy has not always been applied to business.
The concept is rooted in thermodynamic theory.

Some of you may remember from school:

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”

But few remember learning that, in any system,

useful energy is constantly decreasing”.

Entropy in business refers to the amount of energy or work expended which leads towards your organisation’s goals.

High entropy = low efficiency and low sustainability

While entropy is always present in any process, it needs to be made visible so you can see where energy is being wasted.

We created data visualisation tools to do this.

We also developed an Entropy Quotient (EQ), to help us report on transformations and how efficiently your organisation is using its energy.

Our Entropy Quotient will help you to use that limited energy most effectively.

Are you ready to operate and augment the leadership of your business based on science, facts and data instead of opinions?

To learn about how Rosho.World can help you become more sustainable, evolutionary and efficient, download our white paper!

A break-through for your business

Static vs Dynamic

Entropy is not captured by static reports.

Static reports obscure the true status of your organisation, leading to failure.

We allow you to integrate your data into dynamic reports that give realistic, useful projections of your business projects.

Data Integration

Our app connects, captures and analyses your data for easy display.

Then we use visualisation boards to show it in a clear and simple format.

Our Big Data experts take good care of your data, creating useful visuals to help your company progress.

Robotic Process Automation

We analyse your processes to see which could be improved by automation.

Our experts have great solutions custom tailored to your needs, scaling up to AI.

Using RPA, huge numbers of service or change requests can be completed in milliseconds.

Don’t ignore entropy

Many businesses focus only on finances and resources in their analytics.

This is a common mistake.

We forget that any aspect can lead to failure if poorly managed.

Especially entropy.

Track your entropy

Measuring entropy lets you track the direction and speed of your progress.

To keep you moving in line with your organisation’s purpose, values and goals.

EQ Visuals create a comprehensive timeline of your data.

So you can see you progress in simple visuals.

Join the revolution!

We combine the latest advancements in technology with the deepest understanding of how the laws of energy relate to business, helping you achieve time and time again.

Augmented Leadership Operational System

To govern your business, you have to be well informed and your decision flows well defined.

Our upcoming Augmented Leadership Operational System maps your decision flows, initiatives and issues, operates teams, manages improvement logs, offers skill-based resource planning and follows up on alarms and entropy hotspots. All without loosing the grip on your project KPIs, and providing comprehensive onotlogy maps like our visualisation tools.

We help you see and run your business from every angle

Making your governance direct, transparent, smart and effective.

By mapping your organisation, these tools will reveal entropy hotspots, showing you where to improve your decision flows and hierarchies. This is a great way to introduce continuous improvement (Kaizen).

Smash bottlenecks and watch your employee engagement rise by giving managers and employees a voice. Our system lets everyone be part of your success story.

We display a clear EQ and ontology maps of your company as a whole to help you visualise and control your business.

Use the science of great business.