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The Augmented Leadership Manifesto – 12 Thesis fostering Swarm Intelligence

Oktober 16 @ 11:00 - 12:00 CEST

Rosho, co-founder of Rosho.World invites you to discover and discuss:
**The Augmented Leadership Manifesto**
We cannot solve problems with the mindset that they were created. When a swarm strays or disbands, or when projects fail, the root cause is always lousy governance no matter the scale. When the target is diverged from, and a brick wall is hit – it’s not that avoidance was impossible, even when caused by too many vying for control. It was the coordination of effort that failed. A new mindset is required: Augmented Leadership, providing augmented views on ever-growing complexities. AL principles and methods are the solutions to the root of governance problems. AL enriches human intelligence with Artificial Intelligence (AI), provides next-level interactions and triggers the intelligent swarm mode. AL can be used to lead organizations of all sizes to sustainable solutions.
Expect some surprises and unorthodoxy in the following thesis!
The Twelve Principles of the Augmented Leadership Manifesto

1. One agenda for all decisions: Purpose, Value, Reality, Energy
2. Competency-based leadership before “flat hierarchies” and consensus
3. Silos are organized as natural circles of competency in value streams
4. Facts, data and science before opinions
5. Visions before strategies or solutions
6. Servant Leadership and principle-based self-organization before rule-based hierarchy
7. Clearly documented roles and responsibilities
8. Silent heroes before loud superheroes
9. Topic-related digital asynchronous communication instead of “meetingitis”
10. Business agility scaled throughout the organization
11. Innovation within a culture of trial and error
12. The customer is the focus

We are happy to trigger animated discussions!
see our Manifesto website:


Oktober 16
11:00 - 12:00 CEST


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