As I emphasise every time I have the opportunity, Integral Buddhism is socially engaged Buddhism. We observe the world using integral worldview of second tier level to analyse and comprehend history, present and tendencies.

I see a lot of ethnocentric behaviour towards so-called refugees and immigrants, and I just feel the need of a clarification. First tier world-view is ethnocentric or group compliant, we know that, and this is not going to change, until a critical mass of second tier people is reached to trigger a more sustainable and socially aware governance.

Still, I want to say, that currently our rich people’s economic system is built on the back of a lot of people around the world to whom we sell weapons we produce in our factories, while our banks lend the developing countries the billions to buy our stuff. Not that I want to make conspiracy theories here, I am talking more about “convergence of interest”, its also our rich countries influence through financing certain people and groups to get the conflicts started and fuelled.

So if we contribute so much to the destruction of cities and infrastructure by these wars, why are we surprised that people can’t live there any more and are risking their lives to come to our peaceful places? Our peace and prosperity is built on outsourcing conflicts to places we don’t care about, so why don’t we take the responsibility of the direct consequences of our doings?

We need to get organised and take care of the people coming to us, educate and train them, integration will happen and it will help to create a better world in the future. Refugees come from beige survival stages, need to go through purple, red, blue, all the way up to “our” green post-modern standards, and we need to keep the spiral healthy. That is our job!

Rosho, Berlin, 11/08/2018