Peace by Surrender to Non-Peace

From a spiritual or personal development point of view, peace comes from acceptance and surrender to the non-peace in us. This may look like a miracle but it actually works!

Just start watching your non-peaceful reactions before they become too emotional to been watched, you have a 1 second window, before you jump! Once we start observing, we suddenly get a choice to surrender or start a fight. Never even try to fight your feelings, its useless. Remember the very short tiny observation window you get before the fight starts and hormones are taking over the steering wheel.

This may sound crazy or impossible to many, but it is the easy and only way to liberation and inner peace. Once you can do that, you will become a #PeaceFighter and a #WorldWorker and able to change your environment, besides yourself having a peaceful life.

Regular practice of #meditation is helpful, as it helps to make the window bigger and the laps of time longer, where we can observe and witness our own behaviour and reactions to others and circumstances.

The surrender / acceptance works for everything, negative or positive, you are experiencing, transforming your life and the world into a permanent peaceful state, little by little.

Rosho, Berlin, 10/08/2018