Is Buddhism focusing only on a few individuals being enlightened? Which role has Buddhism played in large scale conscious human evolution so far? Does Buddhism practice accelerate the dynamic of the spiral, or support Eros, the driving evolutionary force?

It seems to me that the vision of a large-scale awakening is even more important and the Bodhisattwa vow* in a global, fast-communicating world is worth re-considering.

While in spiritual evolution there are typically phases were we need to disconnect from the world and look inside us, not being distracted by the ever busy and noisy world, I believe that we should live in the world and not beside it or outside it. In Integral Buddhism we emphasise the connection to the present world and use information technology or any other kind of technology. We also develop empathy and compassion, which are the most important qualities or values we need to achieve peace. We can we be peaceful inside us, we still live in a violent world with little social justice, dominated by lower spiral levels and should thrive to find solutions to accelerate evolution. We have now for the first time in history of mankind the possibility of active conscious evolution, all information sources at hand, fantastic global instant communication capabilities. This gives us a greater responsibility.

When I was a kid, I asked my parents about nuns and monks and their engagement to a better world. I could not see what their contribution was. My parents were incredible wise people who grew from war-time nothing but red around them into green, and explained to me that people had choices about how they wanted to live in a first place, and we should respect choices and not judge. They called it tolerance. Great, but still, I was not satisfied and started to hate the concept of tolerance already! I had this idea, from the age of seven, that tolerance was not enough and we needed to engage into making a better world.

Rosho, Berlin, 15/08/2018


*Bodhisattwa Vow Wikipedia is the engagement to participate actively in the awakening of all sentient beings, to live one’s life around the purpose of supporting global awakening. There are many ways to support awakening individuals or groups, active and passive ways.