Agile/Adaptive vs. Waterfall? A big Misunderstanding!

Agile/Adaptive vs. Waterfall
Scaled Agile, Adaptive Business, combined with Distributed Competence & Responsibility Management, also called Self-Organisation, are the most powerful and engaging ways of working together. We design, implement, coach, mentor and teach the future of work and organisations.
Scaling Agile, in our opinion, is the most important capability to build in the coming decade. It is also the most misunderstood topic: we see every day “Agilists” underestimating the power of Programme and Portfolio capabilities and “Waterfallist”, mostly out of the corporate world not seeing the power of “Adaptive or Agile Business”.
Herefore we introduce Augmented Leadership (AL), a range of innovative solutions, aiming to improve the way organisations work, specifically in terms of decision-making, leadership or governance, through Consulting, Digitalisation, Data Visualisation and Decision-Making Automation in an Adaptive and Agile World.
Augmented Leadership is based on an integral worldview, evolutionary behavioural biology, a combination of personal skills, the use of our Combined Intelligence Toolbox, and the Entropy Vector principle.
Such meaningful governance improves the engagement of clients, employees, managers, sustainability and efficiency.
The current team comprises scientists, consultants, experts, as well as operational profiles: Transformation Methodology Consultant, AI researcher, Quantum Physicist, Quality Management Consultant, Data Visualisation Specialist, Frontend and Backend Developers, Project Manager, Web Consultant, Social Media Expert, Copywriter, Proofreader, Graphic Designer, etc. Together we comprise a good century of experience in research and various industries.
Reflecting the team and the various fields of expertise we bring together, our solutions are as ambitious as they are innovative, and perhaps even at times unconventional, but we believe them to be extremely effective.
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