Stragedy, Strategy or Tragedy


I went to Italy recently, twice, to Rome and Sicily, visited a bit, and talked to some colleagues there. In Rome, we were staying a few meters away from the Vatican and a dear friend told me about the notion of “stragedy” of politics in Italy. Obviously, the friend being Italian and living in Rome, he was referring to Italy, but I thought to myself that the idea of “stradegy” applied literally everywhere. Our society and our organisations, our whole civilisation has a clear sense of stragedy, at almost any scale. Only on a global scale, we, Humanity, don’t have any, which is probably the biggest stradegy of all. Maybe the voluntary absence of any global strategy is actually the greatest stragedy of all times.

Otherwise, from the large scale, international organisations down to mid-sized and smaller ones are massively producing stradegies every day. Our governance systems are out-of-date and partial interest is prevailing. Fast money is the rule and regenerating economy is marginal, restricted to a few very developed places in the world.

Why are we not better than this? I mean, we, as Humanity? Why do things not change?

I think we do actually become better, the problem is the perspective and the short human lifespan. We are so impatient to see the progress during our own life. And we forget about the importance of changes we can see right in front of our eyes. I will not make a list again of all the great changes I have seen personally during my life, my readers will be bored and I repeat myself, but still, I have seen the last European tyrants dying, Apartheid and Berlin wall falling, a half-black American President, 70 years of peace in Europa, the Internet, smart-phones, glass-fiber connections, satellites, more than 2 state TV programmes, contraception pill, LGBTW+ marriage, a Pope condemning paedophile priests, going after corruption and having to live outside the Vatican for his security, a global digital currency and even a global bank for all the un-banked, blockchain technology making financial- and asset intermediates obsolete, acupuncture and other Chinese medicine becoming mainstream, cheap DNA tests, and many more. I think we underestimate the impact of all these when we are bitter about

I a sure I will see a Trump and Iran’s Mollahs falling, China becoming the technology and production world leader with hydrogen and electric cars, self-driving whatever rolling, ramping, flying, swimming machines with swarm-technology.

To be followed