Berlin, Avignon, Yokohama, Bangkok



Rosho.World Headquarters Berlin

Rosho.World UG was founded in 2020 in the midst of COVID times, born from Robert (Rosho) Hopp's freelance activity, which for many years operated under the brand "Entropositive". Around the founders Yuko Osao and Robert (Rosho) Hopp the team is enlarged every year with experts. The main focus here is the Augmented Leadership Academy. Robert (Rosho) Hopp's practical experience from four decades in IT and enterprise governance has been the focus of the teaching program under the leadership of Otmar Jenner since 2021. Rosho.World teaches the content and methodologies of Augmented Leadership, consisting of our in-house G.O.O.D (Governance Optimization and Organizational Development) framework, combined with Scaled Agile, SAFe® and Scrum.

From Germany, we serve our customers worldwide and locally.

Rosho.World UG (limited liability)

Friedrichstr. 114A
10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 46690235
Email: mail@rosho.world




Rosho.World France - complete safety concepts

DevSecOps and our 24/7/365 SOC (Security Operations Center) and Managed Security are managed from France by Jonas Hopp. We deliver and implement complete security concepts, including rule sets, training, material, storage, disaster recovery.

Rosho.World Bureau France

38 rue des Lices
84000 Avignon

Phone: +33 628 840 927
Email: france@rosho.world




Rosho.World Japan - Corporate realtions

Our commercial presence in Yokohama allows us to serve government contracts and Japanese corporations. For example, we work with the government agency NEDO (Innovation and Development), Mitsubishi Innovation Labs, Nissan, and many others. This is mostly about R&D and lobbying. We build a bridge between Europe and Japan.

Rosho.World Japan Office

3359-75 Shinyoshidacho
Kohoku district
Yokohama city
Kanagawa prefecture
Japan, 223-0056

Phone: +81 805430 1802
Email: japan@rosho.world




Rosho.World Thailand - in the heart of Southeast Asia

Our company Rosho.World has always had a strong connection to Asia. Not least because co-founder Yuko Osao is Japanese. We see ourselves as a bridge between cultures and continents. Our governance toolbox Augmented Leadership is strongly inspired by Far Eastern principles, especially our G.O.O.D Leadership Framework. We can learn so much from each other !

The ASEAN region is neutrally positioned between the major powers, especially Thailand, and has growth rates that even China dreams of. The mixture of wisdom and pragmatism works. Many infrastructures are better than in the West. Fiber optics and 5G are standard, and digitization is writ large.

Bangkok's proximity to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, and many others allows for a dynamic that used to exist in Europe.

Our office is in the heart of Bangkok and the view from the window is breathtaking. Come and visit us sometime!

Rosho.World LLC Thailand

312 Golden Town
71 Phaya Thai Rd
Bangkok 10400

Phone: +66 94 227 5624
Mail: thailand@rosho.world