Lattice analogy of the deformation of spacetime caused by a planetary mass by Mysid

I have a regret: I would like to be as smart as Einstein to make a nice formula like this for the Relativity of the Human Mind, in which I find a lot of similarities with General Relativity. But maybe some readers can contribute? Please feel welcome to put in beautiful formulas the relationship of Human ego bending the reality of spacetime and light with its heavy mass!


Einstein’s Formula for General Relativity

So what is relative within the human mind? The identity of the being itself. Unless you start exploring yourself with self-discovery practice, like meditation, and make a major step towards awareness, liberation or enlightenment, or whatever it is called, you have your ID wrong and you are not who you think you are.

“I think, therefor I am” is wrong

Descartes, French philosopher of the 17th century, is at the origin of the most famous phrase and of what turns out to be a complete believe-system: I think, therefore I am (French: Je pense, donc je suis; Latin: Ego cogito, ergo sum). In reality, you are not! People think generally that they are defined by thoughts and emotions, but that are only the first visible layers of the mind, the ones related to the ego and the ones you will be clearly be able to observe, as soon you start meditating. But if you can observe what you think is your identity, how can it be your identity?

Our Perception of Identity is wrong

I know, this sounds crazy and absurd to most of the humans, but there is a principle nobody escapes: only consciousness can see consciousness, same as only intelligence can see intelligence. Same with Spiral Dynamics states of world-view: one will always only see the same or lower levels of ourselves, as levels are transcended and integrated as we grow up. Same with spiritual states, when we go from gross to subtle, to Buddha states and whatever is beyond, we can look back, but have no idea about what is above or ahead of our current state. Can you even appreciate a good wine if you haven’t learned and trained before, starting with crappy wine in plastic boxes, going up to a good bottle of Rioja, Bordeaux, or Bourgogne? Or can you appreciate a piano concert from a top class musician playing Debussy, if you are only listening to Pop music, Dancefloor or Gangsta Rap? You need to be initiated, introduced, taught, guided, you need to go to a couple of concerts and need to listen a few hours of relevant music, in order to be able to sense the difference or recognise Brahms, distinguish a Beethoven.

Famous for something is unfortunately not a criteria either, even if we tend to believe what a Dalai Lame tells us, because he has the public recognition and notoriety, there are a lot of people out there with loud voices, who misunderstand even the fundamentals.

What is the solution for curious people who would like to know how it works?

Stay curious and experiment by yourself, like anybody else!

Then, what is the hidden structure of the human mind? Quite simple, in fact, so simple that it is so hard to believe: go beyond the screen of your thoughts and emotions, cross the mirror, and become your own witness. Then you have found your identity, or real self!

Drilling Holes in Cheese

How do we do that? Start drilling holes in your thick, obscure, non-transparent mind, full of uncontrolled mechanisms, ready to get happy or unhappy, angry, bitter, jealous, negative or positive, so that it feels alive. Drill holes by starting observing it, for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades. This is the progression you will get out of meditation. Start with observing your breath, sounds stupid, but is actually very powerful. In and out, in and out. Very boring, very un-natural, feels ridiculous and even causes pain in your articulations after a while. Excruciating pain, in fact. Transcending the pain is another powerful drill to make holes. Imagine a Swiss cheese, solid cheese, but with holes. This is how your mind will look after a while, when you start, no holes in the cheese. By the way, maybe accidentally, by watching a sunrise in the mountains, you may have had a similar experience, felt related to the Universe.

The Benefits of Meditation are not what you think!

Through the holes you will start to see something else, like another reality, which actually is the reality, because the one you live in when you start is called illusion. The result you will get out of drilling holes by meditation is not measurable in stress-levels, relaxation or other benefits your Yoga teacher will promise you. Maybe these are nice side-effects, the important thing is about finding to yourself and being able to observe your ego. This ability to witness yourself is powerful and sustainable, for the rest of your life.

Thousands of books have been written about this topic, over the time of human history, some authors being more famous than others, for example, Gautama Buddha has described it in the words of his time and through the filter of incalculable translations and interpretations, but in essence, here we still are. Every person who has reached these states has tried to explain it in his words, with more or less talent and to more or less people to listen to him, or with more or less interpretation from students. The reality is, when you get there, you don’t care so much any more, as you see the illusion of the ego and don’t have the drive of it any more. That is important to understand: before you cross these lines, you have the ego to drive you, you have desire, ambition, jealousy, etc. to fuel your progress. Afterwards, your view changes radically, you may still want to help people to get there, to liberation as I call it, but you already know the limits of evolution and that shortcuts rarely exist, and if, they are not effective and certainly not sustainable. Some drugs do that, I was told, but as I said, not in a sustainable way. If you don’t go through the slow process, you may see things, but it will rather destabilise you than make you strong.

The Absence of Ego

The absence of ego is a serious limit to pro-activity and leaves the passive way, people crossing your path. Nowadays we have the virtual path through social media, even if the book was there before, it’s fast but shallow. Still, people cross our path for some cosmic reason and this has never changed. Today we have a broad spectrum of channels and can communicate to crowds in Facebook groups, for example, for the first time in history of mankind, which makes me think that conscious evolution can maybe accelerate. The “teal” movement has also become almost mainstream, as “green” is end of life. Please see my post about Spiral Dynamics Integral, if you are not yet familiar with the colour code of evolution and world views.

Conscious Evolution and the Future of Mankind

We also make tremendous progress in the comprehension of the mind by psychology and neurobiology. From Freud to Wilber, the structure of the human mind is emerging out of mainstream religion and other concepts of believe and will become clear to people in a generation or two, latest. Meditation will be taught in school in the same time frame, and we will get to this next step in evolution pretty quickly. Once we will be there, we will see significant change in our capacity to handle our world, living beings and nature in general. The improvement will be notable, as key people will have a broader view and get out the small concentric circles of interest they draw around themselves until then. The connectedness of everything will occur again to a critical mass of people, as they reach the higher stages, it is not necessary that everybody or even a majority can access this level of consciousness. As the world view broadens, climbing up the rungs of the Spiral levels, we will take better care of social justice, create peace actively, clean the mess in the oceans and replant trees, etc. This might create a few jobs, by the way… We will all be creating a better environment for a healthy spiral of evolution for all sentient beings.

Weapons of Massive Liberation

Striving towards a developed, evolved mind, fearless, quiet, out of useless suffering, is the essence of the Buddhist practice, which has produced liberation for a few indivuduals so far. We can’t really say that it is a weapon of mass liberation. Why is that so? Because the worldviews had not developed yet. Buddhism started earlier than the second tier stages development, it is even remarkable that it had spread so much, as a second tier mindset, in a world dominitated by first tier behaviour. One reason may be that in the West, many people mistake Buddhism as a “nice” religion, as opposed to the aggressive book-based middle-east Jewish-Christian-Moslim dominator religion, built on guilt and fault.

Generation Z and Y Millennials <> Baby-boomers

How will Gen-Z react to the very imperfect and self-destroying world Baby-boomers have shaped? Are they more curious? Millennials or Generation Y are not very active, or maybe not yet? Busy with coping with all the freedom they have without having fought for it, hence looking for purpose?

I am sure I can see my visions realised,

Rosho, Berlin, 22/8/2015