Entropy Quotient.

We believe that we can contribute to a better governance within organisations of all kind or size. Our team has united science, creativity and experience to create new governance models and we are building the tools to support those. We use of the principle of entropy, which is the part of energy becoming unavailable when systems become increasingly complex, as a metric or quotient, to detect unsustainability and disengagement in organisations. We draw ontology heat maps, make hotspots visible, help to define priorities, with our visuals. We enhance efficient decision making in organisations, fact- and data-based. We help to overcome the predominant opinion-based decision-making model in public, corporate or non-profit organisations.

We also demonstrate that artificial and human intelligence are perfectly complementary and mutually beneficial, as soon as they are based on the principles of purpose, values, constraints, and the entropy quotient is taken in account. Educated, sustainable, hence entropositive decisions create sustainable success!

Our Clients

Rosho.World and founders have successfully operated significant projects / programmes for some of the top players in various industries, Retail, Automotive, Telecom, Media, Finance, Pharma, etc. with entropositive methodology. Our clients have trusted us with some of their most important transformations, business and technical. Some examples:

  • Automotive, Munich, Germany: Global Business Data Lake as a Service platform
  • Retailer and Manufacturer of Home Equipement and Decoration, Malmö, Sweden: Multi-Channel Programme, Global E-Commerce platform
  • Public Health Care, Berlin, Germany: Digital Transformation Programme
  • Reassurance/Insurance, Hannover, Germany: Core Applications transitioned to Hybrid Cloud
  • Automotive, Stuttgart, Germany: Network Transition provider change
  • Pharmaceutical, Retail Stuttgart, Germany: Network and Telephony Migration to new provider, 17000 locations
  • Retail Bank, Brussels, Belgium, Endpoint computing Migration on Virtual Server Platform, 5000 Applications packaged
  • etc.

What our Clients say about us

“Hallo Robert, Herzlichen Dank für deine tolle Unterstützung. Mir hat große Freude bereitet, wie schnell du dich bei uns zurecht gefunden hast. Bis demnächst. Gruß A.”

“Outside of “mainstream” programme and transformation experience Robert’s passion for new ways to solve the risks of change in global organisations lead to many discussions on making a bigger difference! He is a valued colleague and sounding partner for new ideas and leading change.”

“Robert is a highly enthusiastic , talented and passionate Programme Manager who has extensive background in large international technical transformation projects. I have enjoyed every interaction with Robert he is open, honest and easy to work with. “

“We had an excellent collaboration and we managed our project in time and budget. This was possible due to the very professional qualities of Robert.
• he understand the inter cultural differences within the team and was able to manage the team on a global base.
• he structured all deliverables in a perfect way
• he provided clear tasks to all team members and created a very transparent environment
• he provided excellent briefings to the Senior Management Team
• he managed the customer relationship on a positive way
• he is a perfect team player
Trusted advisor, team player, professional, success driven / pragmatic and Motivator are describing Robert`s attitude.”

“Robert worked for me as a programme director, from pre-sales through to delivery on a multi-million Euros transformation programme for a legacy German client. He quickly recognised the criticality to the client of delivering internal product and service wrap changes ahead of schedule for a move of the client to a cloud platform service. Robert steered a steady, successful path through cajoling internal development teams and keeping clear communications with the client.”

“He fears not to present the results as they are and at all levels hyérarchique preferring clear situations that allow efficient work by taking appropriate decisions.
This seems obvious but the reality is often quite different reason for this particular statement.”

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