We offer a wide array of services to our partners. But in the end, its all about bringing science into governance!

AL Coaching

Rosho, Rosho.World’s co-founder, proposes:

coaching for people, organisations and teams

Augmented Leadership


Expert Recruitment Agency

Augmented Leadership Academy

Training for Consultants

Workshops & courses

Management Consulting

Adaptive/Agile Governance

Comptence Management

Programme Management & Digital Transformation



Project Management

Using the methodology of Rosho.World Governance, we’ll help you plan and lead your projects to ensure every step towards your goals is in line with your purpose and values.

Technology & Expertise

We bring a combination of new technology and trusted expertise to our solutions. We are multi-disciplinary scientists with years of experience in consulting, project management and QM.

We believe you cannot make informed decisions, as an individual or organisation, without awareness of your purpose, values, constraints and entropy.

These four principles form the foundations of our Rosho.World Augmented Leadership methodology.

With our consultation, we’ll help you to define your purpose, values and constraints.

With our tools, and Entropy Quotient (EQ), you can track your entropy.

Together, we’ll transform your business into one that is: Sustainable, Efficient and Evolutionary

Combining our values, we’ll help you S.E.E. success.

EQ: A vital metric

The Entropy Quotient (EQ) metric is a new measurement unit we created for viewing and projecting the performance of your organisation or project. The basis of EQ is entropy, a scientific concept fast gaining traction in multiple fields, and increasingly recognised as a vital metric for organisations. Grounded in thermodynamics, entropy in business refers to the amount of energy or work expended which does not lead towards your organisation’s goals. While entropy is always present in any process, it needs to be made visible so that it can be managed.

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