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Improve Sustainability of Operations

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)

Web-based Reporting Visuals

We are developing a vibrant variety of entropy-based reporting visuals to suit your unique needs.

The first is our Project Reporting Dashboard – This is the simplest way to track and manage your project data.

We also offer Ontology Mapping – Use our app to map the ontologies of more complex programmes, which provides the fastest, most dynamic way to visualise your data. 

Use our visuals to map the ontology, entropy hotspots and KPIs of your project, department or organisation, with clear, engaging updates on a timeline.

For a small monthly or yearly subscription, you can use our visual management tools to revolutionise your governance, reporting and data presentation.

Increase your access and add more dashboards to your arsenal. Only a little extra per dashboard of the same type.

Our visuals will be available on a secure private URL. Only you can update your visuals, make changes and invite stakeholders to visualise your reporting.

Impress your stakeholders with shared online data!

We currently offer a 50% discount on pre-orders and for for alpha and beta testers. This discount will apply for one year, and your subscription will begin after testing is completed. Our visuals and subscriptions will then be made available to the public at full price.

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Augmented Leadership Operational System (AL.OS)

Can you run your whole organisation from one screen?

Do you have a clear view of all your projects, initiatives, resources, budgets, risk and dependencies?

You probably spend a lot of time using Excel, and several systems, to fully understand your business.

Our Augmented Leadership Operational System (AL.OS), currently in development, will bring 3 new dimensions to your governance.

1 – Map the ontology, hotspots and KPIs of your entire organisation with clear visuals.

2 – See every entity, link and dependency on a timeline. Use it to track your progress and prepare for the future.

3 – Create an entropy level for each area of your business, so you can see where to improve.

You can make AL.OS as open or private as you want. You can share you data with everyone in your organisation, giving every person a voice to suggest improvements and be a part of your success story.

Get your transformations under control!

Rosho.World propose a disruptive model of monitoring and reporting, one that will change the way organisations make decisions. Our entropy metrics will help you quantify your energy waste, and you’ll make smarter decisions using our four fundamental principles: purpose, values, constraints and entropy.

Entropy-based Data Reporting Visuals

Strategic Workforce Management (SWM)

While Workforce Management is generally reactive to shortage and budget driven, SWM is proactive and project driven, evolutionary, agile. Millennials having their own criteria for choosing their workplaces, mergers, diversity, AI, matrix organisations, flat hierarchies, many reasons why traditional Workforce Management is not efficient enough any more. Rosho.World has created and implemented solutions that work the 21st century. An Augmented Leader will use capability matrix based tools, taking advantage of recruitment and employment life-cycles and collaboration with external agencies.

Strategic Workforce Management (SWM)