Decades of researching and preparing were necessary for this Toolbox for Augmented Leaders. It is a truly integral philosophical, operational and transformational framework, based on a number of thought-systems and methodologies. These are both useful for the personal development of the Leader and at the same time Best Practice for organisations. By definition, an Augmented Leader would not want to dissociate his personal evolution from his organisation’s evolutionary structure.

  • Integral Spiral Dynamics, by Graves, Beck, Cowan, Wilber
  • AQAL Four Quadrants and the Theory of Everything, by Ken Wilber
  • Entropositive Principles, Governance OS and Ontology Maps, by Rosho
  • Ikigai principle of a balanced life, Japanese cultural principle
  • The Big Puzzle Existential Theory, by Rosho
  • The Combined Intelligence Toolbox, by Rosho
  • Zen and Integral Spirituality, Rosho’s interpretation
  • Shadow working, Freud, Wilber
  • Wilber-Comb Matrix
  • Scaled Agile Framework and Project Management
  • Reinventing Organisations, by Frederic Laloux
  • Holacracy, Sociocracy and other Self-Organisation Systems
  • Thermodynamics and Entropy, the Creative Principle of the Universe
  • Qi Gong of the Soaring Crane, by Zhao Jin-Xiang

I have been gradually putting together this collection of frameworks and experimented in real-life conditions these lifehacks, thought experiments, philosophies, traditions and methodologies over the first part of my life. They are derived from my life experience as an organ-builder and craftsman, farmer, street-singer and musician, husband, father, Zen Meditation and Qi Gong teacher, Buddhist monk, aircraft pilot, entrepreneur, sales manager, programme/project manager and thought-experiment researcher. Some of these tools are the fruit of my own creativity and research, some from tradition and science, some freely interpreted from the great Ken Wilber, Jeremy Rifkin, Jacques Attali and other visionary authors.

The Augmented Leader’s Toolbox contains and provides the necessary methods, answers and way forward, in all real-life situations, ordinary or exceptional. Someone in possession of this toolbox will know what to do in any situation, how to react and communicate. S*he will know how things will most likely evolve, and pro-actively, strategically and masterly guide the destiny of her*himself and/or the organisations or teams s*he is in charge with. For someone from the outside, it will sometimes look almost like magic, but it is just science.

It has been applied and successfully tested in all kind of situations of life, by individuals, couples and families, with great results, as well as in the professional world, within start-ups, corporations, non-profit and territorial (political) organisations, of all scales, in numerous transformation projects. It is the practical agile evolutionary adaptation to an ever-changing environment and provides the operational manual and run-book of the next step in the conscious evolution that Humanity is undergoing.

I dedicate the next part of my life to elaborate, teach and promote this very pragmatic Toolbox to the World. I deeply believe that these tools, applied in every day’s life and operations, have the power to initiate and run the permanent evolutionary change initiatives around us and to get them finally under control.

We all want to provide a better, peaceful world for our children and the next generations but have done a poor job so far. This AL Toolbox provides the comprehension and methodology to increase the sustainability of our systems, from Personal Development to Organisational Governance at any scale.

Rosho, Berlin, 28/7/2018, edited June 2019