When I chose the logo for this blog I wanted to symbolise the transcendance of thought systems, and the monk wiping a sand-made mandala seemed a good choice. This monk is wiping a very specific mandala, which is the AQAL All Quadrants All Lines and the Spiral colours combined.


This shows a view of the map of the evolution of the Universe and the Human mind, from an integral point of view and is one powerful system, allowing to understand the structure and order of about anything existing, material, spiritual, human-related, individual or collective, internal and external structures. For more clarity, here is the text version:


In traditional Buddhism, there is also a stage where we say “kill the Buddha”. Buddhism is famous for absurd statements, but this one is one of the most surprising, especially for people with a religious mindset, who think of Buddhism in terms of religion. Why kill the God himself? First, Buddha is not a god, even though this is common misunderstanding, but a state of consciousness, and as such we Buddhists are constantly transcending them while including previous ones.

crutches.jpgIt is of the essence of Buddhism to be ready to “kill” any concept, model, system, as we consider them just as cruches to help us walking to the next stage and, just as a cruches, we leave them behind, without regrets.

Though we spend a lot of time studying, creating and teaching thought systems, they are just a temporary tool to lead us to a higher level of comprehension. Don’t get attached to any of them, the essence is Emptiness…

Now you may better understand the sense of wiping out even the most beautiful mandalas and transcend the transcendance of amazing thought experiments or systems.

Rosho, Berlin, 09/08/2018