Every Transformation Initiative has the Potential to Succeed!

…unless we let it out of control.

We see number of transformation initiatives going south, but sometimes the most quiet ones just work out fine, why? In this blog we are analysing how to improve the chances to get it done right, and even better: we propose original solutions that have been experimented successfully.

But first, what is a transformation initiative? We are using this terme for projects, programmes, change, transition, improvement, etc. All of those, and probably many others have the goal to get something from A to B, intentionally.

We want our initiatives to succeed, so we make plans and mobilise resources. We make presentations, kick-off meetings, communication and budgets. Is that enough? If that would be the case, top consultancies like McKinsey would not have to tell us that 70% of transformations do not succeed. We Project Managers know that reality is often different from intentions and plans. The list of what can go wrong is long and we all know that from experience. So what is wrong? When we PMs talk together, the most we hear is “politics”, whatever that means. We believe that we need to be more specific, drill down and analyse! In the following posts we will develop the reasons for failure evoked, some exemples out of real life, and a list of principles and tools that should help us to do a better job. Stay tuned!

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