“I am here not to make you understand me, I am here to help you to understand yourself. You have to watch your own actions, your relationships, your moods more closely: how you are when you are alone, how you are when you are with people, how you behave, how you react, whether your reactions are past-oriented, fixed patterns of thought or you are spontaneous, responsible. Watch all these things, go on watching your own mind, heart. That’s what has to be understood, that is the book to be opened. You are the unopened book.”


I am using this quote from one of the most important and most misunderstood people of the 20th century. So many people judged him and misinterpreted his way of life. He was not there for himself, he was there for us to understand ourselves better and had declared that. Why would someone have 92 Roll-Royce, otherwise than to demonstrate the ridiculous of such symbols and to scratch egos? His life was such a success!

OshoOsho changed my life and gave me a lot of freedom, as did other masters who I crossed path with, in real life, or sometime just books and media. My turn to ask you not to judge me but to use me as a mirror for your unsolved relationships and other yet hidden aspects of your lives. I will scratch and irritate your egos, as my goal it make you become conscious of them.

Berlin, 2/4/2018