People ask me where this comes from and I feel it’s good that I explain.

My parents called me Robert, I never could find out why. I never likes this name, but I never knew why. When I was a kid, people called me Robbie.

Then I was around 30 something, a Master gave me the name of Ruby, saying everything I would touch would become gold and ruby. I like this name very much, und used it for a while. There are still people calling me Ruby today.

When I started teaching in April 2018, on my 25th second birthday, I had a dream or more like a vision, and decided to call myself Rosho.

In Japanese Osho means Zen Teacher or Master, Baghwan Rajneesh became Osho as his students started calling him so. His birth name was actually Chandra Mohan Jain. Roshi is a honorific titel for a senior Zen Master and plenty of Roshis teach in Japan or in the West. I was taught myself by Eido Roshi from Dai Bosatsu Zendo from New York. I suppose Rosho is a contraction of all this, and I gladly accepted the name!

Berlin 2/4/2018