The Entropy of Organisations

In 2017 Rosho.World was called Entropositive, and together with the former team, we wrote this white paper “The Entropy of Organisations”.

We were a bit early with our ideas, but the world has now caught up with us!

This was the intro: “What does your organisation have in common with self-driving cars, dinner parties, and Batman villains? Find out in our new white paper!

Produced by the talented, over-caffeinated writers of Entropositive, this paper explores our methodology of Entropositive Governance.

We will give you an understanding of what Entropositive is, its principles, and a deeper understanding of entropy itself. Then we will explain how Entropositive relates to governance and how it disrupts patterns of failure in governance. We’ll go a little deeper into how Entropositive Governance provides an evolutionary approach before exploring the inspiration behind Entropositive. Finally, we’ll discuss the benefits you can expect from our tools and methodology, and provide a guide for implementing Entropositivity.

With fun, relevant YouTube clips, movie references, and more statistics than you can shake a project manager at, our paper will provide the entertaining guidance you need to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and productivity of your organisation.”

Here is the link to download the White Paper of July 2017